Paul DeMain
The Truth Exposed At Last!!!

January 18, 2005

jsd note:

Enemies are necessary. Fundamental to ones health.

I do not refer to the rabid and racist. Those whose intent is to demean and belittle as a matter of course. Those seeking stature by repeated moronic assaults. Those whose talk and sniping are the truest indicators of their character.

I am referring to those whose presence serves to prod self-appraisal.

Here in Native Cyber-space there are many legitimate enemies. These are the ones we must Honor. By virtue of being an Enemy they serve to keep us healthy.

Enemies and Friends. Fundamentals.

Finally, it is with great pleasure (and at the prodding of Enemies) that we get the following about Paul DeMain out on the street where all can see! at last!:

  • DeMain is a practicing lay counselor in the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Court.
  • DeMain is a first degree Midewiwin in the Grand Medicine Lodge.
  • DeMain is seated on both a Chiefs Drum, and Warriors Drum on reservations in the Great Lakes region.
  • DeMain received the Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism by the University of Oregon at Eugene.
  • DeMain was the recipient of the Native American Journalists Association's WASSAJA award for "courageous reporting"
  • DeMain sits on the Sequoyah Research Center of Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • DeMain serves as Chairman of the Navajo Times Publishing Company of Window Rock, Arizona.
  • DeMain is a past president of the Native American Journalists Association board of directors and Independent Native News of Anchorage, Alaska
  • DeMain publishes Akiing, a regional monthly covering Great Lakes tribes.
  • DeMain is the CEO of Indian Country Communications, Inc. (ICC) of Hayward, Wisconsin, publishers of the bi-weekly News From Indian Country, (NFIC) the largest compact Native newspaper in the United States
  • DeMain was past president [1994 and 1998] and incorporator of the "UNITY: Journalists of Color" coalition, the worlds largest organization of journalists of Native, Black, Hispanic and Asian American descent.


Wisconsin Academy Review - Winter 2005 Contents
Shotguns and death threats [nor moronic sniping] can't scare Paul DeMain, who, as editor of the Hayward-based News from Indian Country, has exposed murder and wrong-doing among icons of the American Indian Movement, including imprisoned martyr Leonard Peltier. Story by Deborah Kades. Photos by Rick Olivo...Wisconsin Academy Review

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