The Raping of a Martyr
by Denise Pictou-Maloney

January 31, 2005

anna in kitchen with daughters
Anna, daughters and an unidentified friend

As the eldest daughter of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, who was brutally murdered in 1975 in South Dakota, U.S.A. I feel compelled to speak out about several issues that have been brought to my attention regarding my mother.

We are closely watching the establishment of a nauseating habit; that individuals calling themselves journalists routinely write articles promoting their own personal opinions on the murder of my mother Annie Mae Pictou Aquash. Recently I had the unpleasant experience of reading several articles that were full of inaccuracies, outright lies and severely outdated information that has been proven to be untrue.

Though there are a handful of credible journalists and resources that have either lived or worked on this story for years, I am compelled to write this statement in the interests of objective journalism to center on how other individuals can consciously write their opinions and only focus on the defendants in this case and yet ask to be taken seriously? Few of these journalists have ever contacted her family or myself.

Anna at Wounded Knee
Anna at Wounded Knee II (picture is a link)
In some cases when I was contacted the pages of information I provided were never utilized, suggesting that maybe there was a biased preconceived opinion already formed before the victims story was even researched.

Additionally we take issue with the regular use and abuse of my mothers name on websites of the defendant John Graham and the parties supporting him, a use which is unauthorized by the family and further rapes my mothers' memory of her dignity and ability to defend herself.

It is too easy for these cowards to use her name and memory in order to appear to be caring and concerned about her, but readers, be aware that none of these individuals have so much as contacted the family in 28 years of their self-proclaimed friend with condolences?

It is too easy to use the name of someone who no longer walks this earth and who no longer has a voice. This deeply disturbs our family. We have barely been allowed to mourn our loss thanks to the vultures that use my mothers name in their attempts to create controversy, all the while avoiding the very real fact that John Graham has been indicted with murdering my mother.

Over the last 10 years I watched as people have inflicted these abusive habits upon my mother's memory, continually claiming their intent to aid a heroine in obtaining justice.

But where are their offers of help to her family and Nation?

The stories created by these people come direct from the fantasy world in which they reside and do nothing but perpetuate lies and have no basis in reality. We don't have the luxury of a fantasy world and since our mother, sister and friend was ripped from our family we live in a stark truthful reality with no release. The only respite we can hope for is justice, and the only route to justice is that the letter of the law be applied, fairly and firmly.

Annie Mae's family will not tolerate this journalistic behavior or the intentional abuse of her name and we publicly denounce it. Her family and nation want it known that we intend to exercise all of our rights and will explore all avenues of the law, above and beyond John Grahams' extradition, to ensure that her justice is realized until ALL those responsible for her murder are held accountable.

Annie Mae Pictou Aquash will receive justice.

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