John "Poor Boy" Graham
Chameleon (in another life?)

January 13, 2005


That Anna was Ravaged is without doubt. That this also was perpetrated by members of The People is also without doubt.

One of the so-called AIM soldiers has received his due.

The Other? Well, this One is soon to be dragged kicking and screaming South so as to also pay for his part in Annas's Ravage.

Graham is a "chameleon." His color changes more or less with the color of the objects around him, or with his temper when disturbed.

Read on, please...

January 8, 2005
Graham admission puts him in Means house Dec. 12, 1975
Who killed Anna Mae?
Rex Weyler - Vancouver Sun

Witnesses Cleo Gates and Candy Hamilton say they saw Anna Mae with Graham on the Pine Ridge Reservation in December, and Hamilton says she seemed upset. Graham acknowledges that the four drove from Denver to Pine Ridge, visited Cleo and Dick Marshall, and travelled to Bill Means' home in Rosebud.

Here, the stories diverge. Graham says they dropped Anna Mae at a safe house on the Pine Ridge reservation.

December 3, 2004
Reckoning winds of the Yukon: an interview with John Graham
by antoinette claypoole

Antoinette Claypoole: Carson Walker, the journalist who wrote the piece recently published (March 2004) regarding a supposed tape in which you speak of Annie Mae's murder, Walker mentions he heard you saying, on a tape "Theda was driving the car when w left "Kills" house. Do you remember saying that??

"He [Graham] shot her in the head" as she was praying , Looking Cloud said. "And then he gave me the gun and I thought if they ... killed her, they're going to kill me. So I emptied what was left in the gun."

John Graham: What are they talking about? When are they talking about? I've never ever stated that I've been at "Kills" house.

Antoinette Claypoole: So, now [you] got up to Pine Ridge, and you went to a few different houses?

John Graham: Yea, two or three. I can't remember. And I never went into any of the houses, so I don't know who they were.

March 28, 2004
AIM Tape Puts Accused Killer at Scene
by Carson Walker, Associated Press

A Canadian man charged with killing a former American Indian Movement member in 1975 acknowledged on an audiotape that he was with her moments before she was shot and left for dead in a ravine, according to a transcript obtained by The Associated Press.

John Graham is charged with first-degree murder in the kidnapping and slaying of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, who prosecutors say was killed because AIM leaders suspected she was a government informant. Prosecutors say Graham shot her in the back of the head as she begged for her life.

The 2001 conversation on the tape was arranged by a senior AIM leader, according to people familiar with the tape who spoke on the condition of anonymity. They said the interview was intended to provide Graham an opportunity to present an explanation for his whereabouts during the final moments of Aquash's life.

Prosecutors would not comment on the tape. During a telephone interview this week with the AP, Graham also refused to discuss it.

"If they have me on tape saying all this stuff, bring it on. I'm going to keep my comments to the courts," said Graham, who was due in court Monday for a hearing involving his extradition.


The tape focuses on a Denver-to-South Dakota trip in 1975 that included Aquash, Graham, Looking Cloud and fellow AIM member Theda Clarke.

Witnesses at Looking Cloud's trial testified that Looking Cloud and Graham walked Aquash to the edge of a ravine in South Dakota's Badlands, where Graham allegedly shot her.

On the tape, Graham places himself on the trip from Denver and to the spot where she was killed, according to the transcript.

He does not directly acknowledge killing Aquash, but he never said Looking Cloud killed her either, according to the transcript.

At Looking Cloud's trial, John Trudell, AIM chairman at the time, testified he believes Graham, Looking Cloud and Clarke were ordered to kill Aquash during a stop at the home of AIM member Bill Means.

On the tape transcript, Graham said he was there.

Kelly White asked John Graham to participate in some support engagements, and Dino said John Boy reacted negatively and started putting down prayer and pipe ceremonies...Dino was surprised to hear John Boy say that, "until he learned John Boy (Graham) is the one who pulled the trigger on Annie Mae , then it made sense."

"I don't remember going into (Means') house. I stayed in the car (with Aquash), I know that. Theda went in. And I don't know if Arlo went in or not, I can't really remember that too clear," he said.

Asked if Clarke took over the driving when they left Means' house for Wanblee, where Aquash was killed, Graham said: "Yeah. I do remember that. Theda did some driving. Theda drove from Bill Means'."

March 02, 2004
David Melmer - Indian Country Today

ICT: Were you involved in taking Anna Mae from Denver?

Graham: I drove Anna Mae from Denver.


ICT: Where did you take her?

Graham: I got no idea where we were. It was a safe house. Anna Mae and I knew what was coming down around Pine Ridge. Things were hot, things were tense. A lot of her guidance got me though that, kept me alive. We had to protect people and had to protect ourselves. At the time, I didn't go into the house, because it was a safe house. That's the way it was. I didn't know where it was. I didn't know Pine Ridge, I know people had to drive for a few miles to get to different places.

ICT: Do you remember, was that safe house Cleo Gates or Cleo Marshall's?

She testified that you and Arlo were there looking for a place to take Anna Mae.

Graham: No, I don't remember that. I don't know where that comes from.

Febuary 2004
Trial of Arlo Looking Cloud


Q. When they came over what took place?

Cleo Marshal-Gates - They came in and they brought the girl in, and she sat on the chair in the living room, and they went into the bedroom with my husband.

Q. They meaning who?

Cleo Marshal-Gates - Arlo, John and Theda.

Q. Was there some request made of you and Dick that evening by these people?

Cleo Marshal-Gates - Well, they came in and they went, they came out of the bedroom and called me in the kitchen and he said they want us to keep her here.

Q. Who said that?

Cleo Marshal-Gates - Dick. I said what for? I don't know, just keep her here. And I said no.

Q. You refused to allow them to do that?

Cleo Marshal-Gates - Right.

Q. How come?

Cleo Marshal-Gates. Because I had, this was Anna Mae, and I had heard just different things going on on the reservation, and I didn't want to be any part of it.

Q. What kind of different things were you aware of?

Cleo Marshal-Gates - Well, people were saying that Anna Mae was an informer...

January 26, 2004
Burdened by Murder
Now her accused killer, John Graham -- in an exclusive interview with The Province -- reveals for the first time what he did in the days before her murder.
Suzanne Fournier - The Province

Under pressure from the FBI in the aftermath of the killings, Aquash, who was living in Denver, asked Graham to take her to the Pine Ridge reserve.

When Graham and Looking Cloud were first indicted I contacted several prominent AIM and former AIM members and asked them if the right men had been indicted for murdering my mother...They confirmed that John Graham shot my mother and that Arlo Looking Cloud and Theda Clark were with him.

"She was very scared and nervous," said Graham. "She was being hunted by the FBI. She needed somebody she could trust to travel with her to Pine Ridge."

Graham emphatically denies, as his accusers say, that he was asked by AIM leaders to execute Aquash because they believed FBI "lies" that she was an informer.

"I never met with any AIM people," he said. "Anna Mae was afraid of (FBI agent David) Price, who had tried to get her to testify against Pelletier and others, telling her that if she didn't, she'd be dead within six months.


Graham says he and Looking Cloud drove Aquash to a "safe house" on the Pine Ridge reservation.

Looking Cloud, who goes on trial next month (March 2004) in Rapid City, S.D., says it was there that Graham shot Aquash in the head.

...Newbrook credibiity questioned - Check here before reading further...

December 19, 2003 09:56:58
To: Paul DeMain
Subject: FYI - from Bob Newbrook, the ex-cop (Credibility Problems)

Hi XXXXXX. John's OK and optimistic. He gave me his rebuttal of Paul DeMain's story and related the following to me. He was with Anna Mae at Crow Dog's trial in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when they heard of the firefight incident at Oglala on the radio. They returned to the reservation immediately to help evacuate the people who were in hiding, after which he went to Denver.

Some time later, possibly in the Fall, he received word from Anna Mae that she was at Pine Ridge and wanted to see him. John and Looking Cloud, who was more familiar with the reservation than John, travelled to the reservation and located her at a safe house where she was hiding in fear of the FBI. She was alone, and related to John how S A Price had interrogated her, taken as much identification as possible and had told her that if she would not release the names of those at Jumping Bull involved in the shootout, that he would personally make sure she would not live out the year. He left several days later thinking she was safe

He learned of Anna Mae's death several months later.

Until John Graham finds the guts and compassion to state publicly who ordered him to kill my mother , and who was at Bill Means' house that night, we will continue to challenge him...Would he have shot my mother if he hadn't been ordered to? I don't know, but I doubt it.

September 19, 2000
Graham admits he was with Annie Mae the night before she was killed.
Jennifer Wade, Vancouver

Today, Sept. 19,2000, I met with a native man called John Graham (native name Cheeleta sp?) He had called me last week to speak with me and expressed concern about anyone knowing his whereabouts. He gave me the following information in the presence of a witness, and both he and the witness signed and dated what I wrote down while I was with them...


He claims the FBI are out to get him for the killing of Anna Mae Aquash, a very capable and attractive native woman from Nova Scotia who was found dead in the US, where she had been an acknowledged leader of the native people and very active in AIM. Originally her family were told she died from exposure, but upon investigation initiated by the family, bullet holes were found in the back of her head. The night before her death she had driven with John Graham across the US from Denver, and he had left her at a safe house in or near Pine Ridge. At the time John said she feared for her life and particularly feared David Price and Douglas Durham, two agents for the FBI working to undermine AIMS. John Graham says he feels sure Douglas Durham knows all about the killing of Anna Mae.

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